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Ad-hoc online quantitative research is a research method used by companies to quickly and efficiently collect data on specific issues that are relevant to them. Such research is often conducted using online questionnaires and works on large samples to provide representative and measurable results.
Companies should choose online ad-hoc research when they need immediate, comprehensive data on a specific problem or issue. This could be the launch of a new product or service, or a major change in the market to which they want to respond quickly.
  • Judging a product or service: What do users think of your company's product or service?
  • Consumer behaviour: What factors influence customers' decisions?
  • Market trends: What are the changes in the market environment and how are consumers reacting?
  • Descriptive statistics: It shows the central tendency and dispersion of the data, i.e. mean, median, standard deviations, etc.
  • Correlation analysis: It looks at how each variable is related to the others.
  • Regression analysis: It determines the extent to which one variable influences the other.
  • ANOVA (analysis of variance): Examines whether there are -whether there are significant differences between groups.
  • Cluster analysis: It groups data into groups based on similar characteristics.
  • Factor analysis: It identifies the relationship between variables and groups them according to basic, invisible factors.
For example, a large telecom company used ad-hoc online quantitative research to collect data before launching a new service. The results showed which features and functions the target market would value most in the planned service. The company used the results to modify the product design and launch strategy, resulting in a more successful service launch.
As Hungary's leading online market research company and the largest online market research panel in Hungary, netpanel, with more than 23 years of professional experience and a professional team of analysts, we guarantee to make the most of your data and with our consultative analysis, market research is a good investment for our clients. NRC's ad-hoc quantitative research is fast, efficient and flexible, helping companies to understand market trends, consumer behaviour and help them to develop marketable products and services.

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