Hungarian Facebook users are active

Only a tenth of Hungarians who regularly use the internet have never registered on Facebook, four-fifths of them visit the biggest social networking site at least once a week and two-thirds use it every day.

Related infographic from Facebook research here available at.

Facebook is the platform that is most essential for staying in touch: 80% of users consider it very important for communicating with friends and acquaintances. More than half of them also consider it important for finding information, while only a quarter of them consider it important for entertainment and games. Of course, Facebook fans not only visit the social network frequently, but once they are there, they are actively involved in its life. In the week prior to the NRC's February survey, 76 percent had sent a message, 31 percent had posted their own thoughts and experiences, 32 percent had uploaded a photo and 9 percent had shared their current location. There was also a high proportion of people sharing foreign content: one in two Facebook users shared a piece of news from the web and one in four shared a video. 28% played a game to pass the time, 57% commented on other people's posts and photos, and 24% joined an event in the space of a week.

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