How do service designers and facilitators grow in Hungary?

In conversation with Fannie Csernátony and Máté Barna, lecturers at MOME and leaders of the soon to be launched Service Design university course, we went through the most frequently asked questions about Service Design: 

  • What is Service Design and why is research an important foundation for the process?
  • Are there enough service designers at home?
  • What can a customer expect if they feel that a Service Design project can provide an answer to their "stubborn problem"?
  • What is a Co-Creation workshop?
  • Why do facilitators use post-its and legos and what does this have to do with creativity?
  • When should a company choose Service Design?

and why MOME's trainers thought that university-level training was needed.

Come and join us, listen to us.

Data-Driven Service Design and Co-Creation workshops from NRC

Service Design is a complex methodology that not only focuses on the user, or customer experience, but also takes into account the views and needs of all stakeholders - staff, managers, subcontractors. Its aim is therefore nothing less than to create a service experience that is optimal for all involved.

Service Design therefore looks at both the user experience and internal organisational processes. This is particularly important because customer satisfaction is closely linked to the internal functioning of the company. For example

a well-functioning team, where staff are motivated, happy to work and clear about their goals, will be able to provide a better service to customers.

This complexity and holistic approach is what makes Service Design so effective. It enables companies not only to make their products and services customer-centric, but also to optimise their internal processes.

NRC Co-Creation workshop

The NRC offers Service Design based Co-creation development workshops that look at the whole service development process. These workshops involve not only the customers but also the company's staff and managers in the process, helping to ensure that the service developed benefits all stakeholders:

  1. Putting the user at the centre: NRC workshops put users at the heart of design. This ensures that the services actually meet user needs, increasing customer satisfaction and the chances of market success.
  2. Research-informed design: The NRC is mindful of the importance of research in service design. By adopting a research-based approach, companies will be able to gain deeper insights into their customers' habits, needs and expectations, and thus be able to design better services.
  3. Professional facilitation: The success of NRC workshops depends largely on the role of the facilitators, who are responsible for guiding the design process. With the help of NRC experts, the brainstorming phases, group dynamics and the progress of the process can all be effectively managed.
  4. Co-creation workshops: NRC's co-creation workshops are based on the collaboration of participants - customers, staff, stakeholders. This co-creation process fosters innovation and is an advantage in development, as it ensures that solutions truly reflect user needs by involving all stakeholders.
  5. Understanding and learning: NRC workshops focus not only on development, but also on helping participants to gain a deeper understanding of problems and user needs. This understanding contributes to more effective and targeted service development.
  6. Importance of inclusion: We are aware that a development is only a good investment for the company if it can be integrated into the company's processes, which is why we focus on feasibility and integration into the company's processes from the very first minute of detailed development.

The NRC Service design based Co-creation developer workshops not only help companies improve their services, but also increase their business success. Through these sessions, companies will be able to better understand their customers and deliver services that truly add value to them through research-based, user-centred design. In the long term, this will also improve their market competitiveness.

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