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If you are looking for a fast, quality, representative data collection partner, NRC's online questionnaire builder and data collection service is the best choice. Hungary's largest online research panel, market research experts, quantitative and qualitative solutions not only help you with your data collection, but if you need an analyst or consultant, NRC's research experts are also at your service.
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Organising respondents to NRC's own online qualitative panel

Organising quality respondents, verified respondents, 1 year exclusion for our clients. If you are looking for customers for focus groups, in-depth interviews, service or product testing, contact us because we offer a full service from organisation, through the necessary software, to incentive management. If you need support with moderation and analysis, our expert researchers can also help you to identify insights and summarise customer opinions, and make suggestions for improvement.
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Our data collection and respondent management services provide our clients with full data collection and management services from Hungary's largest and fastest market research panel,'s respondent community and's qualitative panel, ensuring real answers.

10 per day databus

This is not to be missed. Three surveys of 1,000 people per month are launched, providing representative data across 5 criteria.

Qualitative organisation

Qualipool supports in-depth interviews, focus groups, blog, forum and mobile ethnographic research with the help of the qualipool.

Lightning questions

12 - 24 - 72 hours lightning-fast answers to the questions asked, providing a representative database for the target group for analysis.

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