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NRC uses the proprietary freQuest questionnaire builder and online research manager for its online quantitative data collection, which allows not only simple but also the most complex questionnaires to be created quickly and easily without programming skills. If you are looking for a professional questionnaire editing system, we recommend you to get acquainted with freQuest, which is used not only by market research companies, but also by domestic banks, insurance companies and other large corporations in their research.

There are many different questionnaire editing solutions on the international market, but only a few where not only Hungarian language support but also programming support is available to help users.

Developments are ongoing, the data protection has been improved to meet banking usage requirements and thus the system not only complies with domestic and international GDPR regulations, but also provides the opportunity to provide a usable service to help corporate decision makers by connecting to data warehouses.

More than 25 types of questions can be programmed in the system, plus there is also the possibility of quiz games, so you can program all known and less known types of questions in freQuest.

However, this is just one of the basic skills that really matters, in addition to responsive questionnaire display, there are dozens of setup and customisation solutions to help researchers get the job done, to name a few:

  • forwarding replies
  • mandatory reply
  • card questioning
  • coordinate system
  • pictures, videos, audio
  • random setting
  • conditions, teasers
  • create question blocks
  • background variables
  • word questionnaire creation
  • Automatic SPSS label creation etc...

The questionnaire builder also includes an online project management system where users can:

  • follow up their research,
  • give different privileges to their staff
  • monitor the evolution of responses on project dashboards
  • link the questionnaire to multiple panel systems
  • set up custom and open link research
  • send a report link to their clients
  • you can edit the questionnaires offline
  • allow respondents to time or automate their progress
  • use different display effects etc...

FreQuest users can also rent, for an extra monthly fee, their own respondent management system (panel management system) to manage their respondents, their surveys, the sending of invitations and the entire data collection process.

If they need their own panel application, customers using the system can also rent the existing application.

freQuest is one of the world's best questionnaire editing, project management and panel management systems, making it easy and simple for companies to manage the largest online surveys and the largest number of respondents, whether they are a research company or a client-side researcher.

Request a quote or download as a demonstration and learn more about the service and prices.

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