Online forum research is useful when companies are looking for the opinions, experiences and thoughts of larger groups. It is particularly useful when the people involved are physically distant from each other or when more flexible, time-distributed communication is needed.
NRC's online forum research is the ideal choice when companies need fast, cost-effective and high-volume feedback. This method allows companies to collect a wide range of data and comments from large groups of people, which may be globally dispersed.
  • Consumer habits and trends: Understand how consumers use products and services and what trends they follow.
  • Consumer opinions and attitudes: Discover what consumers think about products, services, brands and company communications.
  • New product ideas and developments: Find out what new products, services or developments consumers want to see.
  • Open questions: Participants are free to share their thoughts, opinions, feelings and experiences.
  • Closed questions: Closed questions can be used to collect quantitative data, for example to find out participants' preferences.
A telecoms company planning to launch a new mobile data plan can use NRC's online forum research service to understand the needs and expectations of its current and potential customers. During the forum survey, the company can ask participants questions about their data consumption habits, the likely reception of the new package launch and what additional services they would like to see.
Using NRC's online forum research helps companies gain a deeper understanding of market trends, consumer behaviour and customer satisfaction. Fast response cycles, large sample sizes and data collection without geographic limitations all contribute to the efficiency and value of the research.

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